SPICE is a prospective, non-interventional multicenter study carried out in Ile-de-France hospitals. The objective of this study is to study the care pathway of patients victims of a cerebrovascular accident (CVA), admitted to the intensive care unit and who required invasive artificial ventilation within 7 days of the stroke.

The future of patients after a stroke is varied according to their needs and disabilities, and according to the care structures available. Patients may have prolonged invasive ventilation lasting several weeks to several months. They can also die in intensive care, in another department of the short-stay hospital, or subsequently, at their home or in the various existing structures of medium and long stay.

This outcome may be more favorable, patients no longer needing invasive ventilation are transferred from intensive care to another care service and then, in the best of cases, return home. This is why a review of their care pathway was carried out at 3, 6 and 12 months after their stroke. This study will also allow us to know the frequency and characteristics of patients for whom decisions to limit and stop treatment have been made.

In order to highlight predictive factors for prognosis, this study aimed to include 300 patients. This digit was exceeded because 369 patients from 33 Ile-de-France centers are included.