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🌺 DeepCath News June 2023 ☀️

Image Fleur

🔄 Change in the team 🔄

After several months at the head of the DeepCath project, Anne-Laure GUINET is hanging up her hat as an R&D project manager to turn to a post-doctoral position at INSA Lyon! We thank her greatly for her work and her involvement in this wonderful project and we wish her a lot of success and fulfillment in her new job! 😀 With this departure an arrival, that of Abhinav KUMAR ! A PhD in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics and currently a student/work-study student in Data & AI at the Grenoble Digital Campus. Abhinav therefore takes up the torch from Anne-Laure and will have the particular objective of developing our algorithm. We are delighted with his arrival and look forward to moving forward with him on the project!

📈 Inclusion gauge 📈

Thanks to your daily investment, and this throughout France, you have collected over 3300 photos with 20% local signs. 👏
And for that a huge thank you!

We are therefore slowly approaching our goal of 5000 photos but we still need your help. So in addition to wishing you a great summer, we also hope that you will continue to think of us and the DEEPCATH project by photographing as many catheters as possible! 😊

📝 Request for Substantial Modification 📝

Given the number of photographs collected so far and the objective initially planned, we made a request to the CPP to extend the duration of the study. Our file is in conformity and must soon go to the meeting. We will of course keep you informed of the progress of our request.

👨🏻‍⚕️ Expert review 👩🏽‍⚕️

We are pleased to announce that the expert review has started! And as you can see, our experts take time to analyze and delineate areas with local signs. The review of your photos is progressing well! 😉

Once again, we would like to thank you ALL for your active participation in the project and a big thank you also to our expert doctors for their work. Don’t let up on your efforts, we still need you to help us develop our algorithm!

Images reviewed by experts

✨ Encourage your network to participate in the DeepCath project ✨

Help us advance DeepCath by by sharing the link and talking about DeepCath around you: .
You will find on this site all the information concerning the study as well as the link to create your DeepCath account, which is essential for taking the photos.

See you soon and good photo collection to ALL! 🤩 🤩 🤩