Scientific communication

Writing scientific articles

Entrusting medical writing work to ICUREsearch is the assurance of having real scientific experts who will take charge in an autonomous and responsible way the conception and the drafting of the documents, in the respect of your specifications, and in bringing their expertise and skills.
Their experience and proactivity are at your service for a document that best meets your needs and expectations. These documents can be very varied.
Some examples:
– Scientific papers of the article type to be submitted to peer-reviewed journals, conference presentations (oral presentation or poster), or the like
– Bibliographic synthesis to realize a state of the art, for example with a view to a regulatory or administrative file
– Scientific elements of the project call answer dossier
– Documents associated with a clinical study: synopsis, protocol, study report
– Investigator brochure update
– Documents written in connection with the ICUREsearch data management and statistics teams