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ICUREsearch was born of an association of engineers and professors with more than 100 years of experience in the world of research.

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DEEPCATH – October Newsletter

DEEPCATH is progressing rapidly!!! Follow this Deep Learning project by reading the October Newsletter.

The collection of pictures of catheters continues in the partner Centers thanks to the involvement of more than a hundred field investigators, motivated and prolific!

Many thans and good luck with your picture collection! For everyone else, JOIN US!

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They trusted us…

Thanks ICUREsearch for their work and support for the EuroBact2 study - from conception, e-CRF design, running the study, data management, analysis and scientific support - ICUREsearch provided invaluable support for EuroBact2 and beyond.

Alexis Tabah

Médecin et chercheur en soins intensifs

Merci beaucoup à la société ICUREsearch pour le soutien tout au long de l'étude !

Romain Sonneville

M.D., Ph.D., PUPH, Université Paris Cité

Many expertises for your projects…