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We listen to your needs for better addressing them

ICUREsearch is a dynamic company with leading expertise in clinical and epidemiological research methodology. With a multidisciplinary experience, ICUREsearch brings an innovative look to maximize the impact of your research projects, from idea to scientific publication.


ICUREsearch was created in 2015 to build a link between researchers, helping to optimize the response to medical questions through appropriate and innovative statistical analyzes.


Our mission is to advise the customer on the study methodology best suited to the objectives of the research and the context in which the customer wishes to lead it.


Thanks to a common work experience, ICUREsearch creates a synergy between the different actors of the project. We offer a listening “bijective” at the service of quality and efficiency.

A multidisciplinary expertise

  • Methodology of research projects
  • Submission of projects
  • Database design
  • Supporting projects
  • Creating web applications
  • Quality control of the data
  • Descriptive analyzes
  • Complex statistical modeling
  • Hospital medicine
  • Writing scientific articles
  • A solid experience

    Research Tax Credit approval

    ICUREsearch is supported by the French Ministry for Higher Education, research and innovation which renews our Research Tax Credit for the years 2022, 2023 and 2024!

    Our Partners

    Our Clients

    Thanks ICUREsearch for their work and support for the EuroBact2 study - from conception, e-CRF design, running the study, data management, analysis and scientific support - ICUREsearch provided invaluable support for EuroBact2 and beyond.

    Alexis Tabah

    Médecin et chercheur en soins intensifs

    Merci beaucoup à la société ICUREsearch pour le soutien tout au long de l'étude !

    Romain Sonneville

    M.D., Ph.D., PUPH, Université Paris Cité