Our skills

Scientific and Methodologic Expertise

Our members skills in numbers:


Hospital clinical research programs completed


Scientific papers

100 years

Cumulative experience


PHD Thesis


Collaborators with accreditation to lead epidemiology research


Associates internist doctors, pulmonologists, infectious diseases, resuscitators, microbiologists, pharmacists

Our Clinical Expertise

In addition to statistical research projects, our collaborators have real experience in academic and industrial research methodology, national and international.

We are developping and maintaining high quality databases.

Our skills are highly appreciated for epidemiologic studies and interventionnal studies as well as usufull for clinical trials and observational data in causality relationship determination.

We are formulating research protocols.

Our aim is to help you with advises and uptodate methodologies for complexe data analyses.

Flexible we are opperating on a consulting formula on a regular or intermittent to follow your needs.

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Project management and monitoring

Active and individualized support in the development, implementation and animation of your project

Our project manager is taking care of your project. Commited to good clinical practicies respect and regulation compliance he coordinate all stakeholders of every clinical activities of the trial.

Carefull and rigorous person our project manager provide answers and guide lines to the trial investigation team.

Study set up

We are taking care of the study from the protocol writing.

Communication et coordination with trial members

With a very good relationship we are able to adapt ourselves to any contact person to ensure project  coordination and progress.

Regulatory Submissions

Regulatory submissions for observational and minimal risk interventional studies.

Study follow up and data management

Rigourous, we pursue step by step the data entry all along the study to build up a high quality database.

Newsletters sending to follow up on targets

The newletter enable to stay uptodate and focus on study tracks on a timely manner for all team members and trial contributors. This part of the duties we can set for your project.

Opening and Closing Center

We are opening and closing your center and they eCRF access.

Web entry application

Our team commited is expertise and experience to developp your web applications dedicated to your needs

Conscious that your web application is the heart of your data collection, our programmers dedicated their time and expertise to to build up a user friendly entry interface. A narrow collaboration with our client give great result to comply with client indentity and goals.

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Specification writing

In order to obtain and electronic book align with your expectations we accompagny you in the spécification writing.

Application development

We master application developpement in order to collect data (Forms).

Randomization application

A randomization application is part of what we can do for you.

Secured Servers

We are working on secured servers with real time connection.

Data Management

Data management, an advanced technic

The data collection is the main goal of any project or study. As an essential part of projects we are particulary cautious on the different steps form data collection forms, data validation to their treatment. We ensure an optimised and secured data management.

Our know-how

We are experts of data management. At the begining of the study we are creating the CRF, the variables dictionary and the database. Then, we are writing the data management plan and data intergration if external data is needed. Also we are doing consistency check. Finaly, our medical expert are reviewing the data before the data lock.

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Statistical Analyzes

Forefront Methodologies

Our biostatistical team and medical experts maintain tehmself to the forefront of methodologies to provide the best statistcal methode for your project (causal inference, supervised and unsupervised classification, trajectory classification, etc).
Our expertise also allows us to carry out the following analysis methods: descriptive statistics, univariate and multivariate analyzes, parametric and non-parametric tests, mixed models, survival analyzes, models for repeated data.
The adventage of our multidiciplinary team is that in addition to statistical experts you benefit from medical expert crtitical look to overview the analysis.

In practice

Patient number estimation, randomisation tables, programming, results analysis and exploitation are common needs for study we can provide to your project.
We can bulid up your statistical analysis plan and realise graphic views to help you out in data visualisation.
If your need are advises, we may be your consultant to guide you toward the best options.

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Scientific Paper Writing

Trust ICUREsearch for medical writting is the insurance to have medical scientific experts that will take care of the conception and writing of your documents accordingly to the spécifications and needs.
With a very professional approach they will produce your documents to fit your expectations and needs. 

It may concerne various type of documents such as :
Scientific paper to be sumitted to peer review journal, to be presented in congress (poster or oral présentation).
Bibliographic review, state of the art, in order of a administratif submission or for reglementary purposes.
Scientific production for call for projects.
– Clinical study documentation like synopsis, protocol, study report.
– To up to date a investigator brochure.
– The document could be in addition to scientific expertise be amened by ICUREsearch statistical and data management experts.