Our commitments

ICUREsearch is committed to the protection of Privacy

To ensure the protection of personal information, each employee of the company has access to the confidentiality and security rules to respect.

Information protection

ICUREsearch puts in place the administrative, technical and physical measures necessary to protect the data of its customers and employees against loss, theft and abuse. Data access is secure and controlled.
All procedures are regularly updated by ICUREsearch, protocolally every 2 years or earlier if international recommendations so require.

Data processing

ICUREsearch collects data for legitimate and determined purposes. The data is processed legally and adequately.
A special effort is made to ensure that the information collected is appropriate and relevant. This information is, as far as possible, accurate and regularly updated. Data is not kept longer than necessary.
Any data that can be transferred is via a secure protocol.

Health data

ICUREsearch is committed to protecting the data our customers entrust to us. The company also undertakes to respect the laws applicable in the various countries concerned.